Why Get Fitted For Your Golf Clubs?

Better Fitting = Better Golf

Custom fitting is such an important process in purchasing any new equipment, whether it is a putter, wedge, irons, fairway wood or driver. Our fitting process allows us to assess your swing speed and impact position so that the clubs you purchase can be adjusted to perfectly suit your ability and build.

Using th GC QUAD Launch Monitor we can accurately measure everything thats necessary for the clubs to match you. The computer software also allows you to see the comparisons between your own equipment to all the other equipent you are testing, making it far easier to justify the purchase.

Ball fitting is also a very important part toa o a golfers game. There are various types of golf ball on the market and believe it or not it's not always the most expensive that is the most suited. Some premium golf balls require a faster swing speed to get a full benefit. Some golf balls promote a higher ball flight where as others promote a lower ball flight so there's a lot to consider when selecting the right golf ball. Our ball fitting service will allow us to analyse your ball flight then make a recommendation to what ball would best comlpiment your gamel

With a club fitting there is absolutely no obligation to make a purchase, our reputation is massively important to us so we would not sell you a product if it is not 100% right for you!

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Our Loft & Lie Alteration Service

If you are not wanting to make a full iron set change but are wanting to check if what your using is adjusted right for you we can measure and alter the clubs ourselves. As your swing changes over a period of time then there's a good chance your clubs impact position will change. An hours loft & lie check and alteration costs just £40 so if your not ready to change the iron set then this is a cheaper alternative to ensuring they are right for you. To book a loft & lie check and alteration simply give us a call on 01229 582824 or contact us using the message form below.


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